The Concept


How will Artificial Intelligence (AI) help me find fashion items in a couple of seconds?

Incorporating AI into our system gives you a more intuitive and effortless fashion shopping experience. AI allows us to avoid irrelevant search results and show you only things you like.

After choosing the way you want to dress in a few questions, we can predict your preferences and provide fashion items tailored to your preferences. As a result, the StyleSnipe algorithm projects items that match your preferences. 

When looking for a specific product, the system determines a category the fashion item belongs to, for example, ‘dress’ or ‘sneaker’. Then it detects and classifies unique attributes such as ‘style’, ‘colour’ or ‘pattern.’ All items are assigned to labels, then compared and connected to your preferences derived from the survey outcomes. Ultimately, you find items that match your style and needs, like the wardrobe pieces in your favourite fashion.

Efficient shopping is possible thanks to the in-house annotation used to label the entire dataset of fashion items. The accuracy has been improved, and speed has been added to the equation. 

Check it yourself with our AI-powered tool and start the survey here.